This Chronicle Books classic brings to light once more
the legendary 3,500-year-old Papyrus of Ani--the most
beautiful of the Egyptian funerary scrolls ever discovered.

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Book of Going Forth by Day

The First Authentic Presentation of the Complete Papyrus of Ani.
Featuring integrated text and full-color images.


Paperback: 2015 Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Chronicle Books ISBN: 978-1-4521-4438-2

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Book of Going Forth by Day

Limited Numbered Collector Hardcover Edition

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The Book of Days

Perpetual Calendar

With Images from the Ancient Egyptian Papyrus of Ani

And Zodiacal Signs from the Temple of Isis in Denderah

Hardcover, Smyth-sewn, 136 pages (including 9 blank pages), full color throughout

ISBN-13: 978-0-9718870-8-4


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From the Introduction by

Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

“The Egyptians lived in a world of allusions.” This statement of Helmut Brunner, one of the greatest historians of Egyptian religion, is a profound observation regarding the language and imagery of Egyptian religious texts. We enter Ani's Book of the Dead as we might enter a contemporary tomb, flanked by hymns to the sun god Re and then by eloquent invocations to Osiris. Passing through these hymns, so to speak, the deceased arrives at the central metaphor of the papyrus and the critical moment of the passage from this world to the next: the weighing of the heart.




A Treasure of Antiquity Reborn

Recreating the Papyrus of Ani

The Papyrus of Ani was created in Egypt about 1250 B.C. It represents the best preserved, longest, most ornate, and beautifully executed example of the form of mortuary text known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Ani was an important Temple scribe. He and his wife Tutu chose from among some 200 available prayers, hymns, spells, and ritual texts the 80 that most appealed to them. This individualized papyrus roll would be buried with them, with the intention of opening a gateway in the afterlife. If successful in persevering through the trials they encountered there, they would be free to eventually feast and dally with the gods. more


The Interactive online full color plates.

Welcome to the definitive Interactive Egyptian Book of the Dead online. Please feel free to explore the interactive plates, that are now electronically prepared so that you may point at the hieroglyphs for a full translation.









“A critical purchase for any serious collection of materials on ancient Egypt.” Library Journal

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Old vs New

About the Book of the Dead..

The Book of the Dead is a collection of writings that were placed in tombs as a means of guiding the ancient Egyptian soul on its journey to the afterlife. ThePapyrus of Ani, which is reproduced here, is one of the most important and beautiful of the surviving papyri. Damage in the 19th century seriously confused its sequencing and the relationship between text and illustrations. Here for the first time the scroll is presented in its proper sequence and in its entirety. The English text is placed immediately underneath the corresponding hieroglyphs, and the reproductions are faithful to the originals in all their glowing color. A critical purchase for any serious collection of materials on ancient Egypt.

Mary Morgan Smith, Northland P.L., ittsburgh Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. 



Changes to 20th Anniversary text

First published in 1994 and revised in 1998, this twentieth anniversary edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead includes several important new features.
The first is an essay by Egyptological scholar J. Daniel Gunther, who presents an overview of the history of academic research in Egyptian religion and philology during the past two hundred years. The decipherment of the Rosetta Stone in the 1820s began to open the mysteries of ancient Egypt to a world hungry for understanding. Gunther has brought to life some of the trials and passions of scholars who dared journey into a territory that had been wrapped in darkness for millennia.

The second is a critical contribution by Dr. Ogden Goelet, who supervised the original publication; he has compiled an annotated bibliography that replaces and expands upon his twenty-year-old original. It is a state-of-the-art survey of academic sources.

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Recreating a Classic 

Book designer Jim Wasserman tells how he discovered an ancient Egyptian illuminated papyrus and restored it for modern publication.  The book  features the translation of the late Dr. Raymond O. Faulkner, completed in 1972, and acknowledged by scholars as the finest in English to date. Faulkner's translation has been augmented and updated by Dr. Ogden Goelet of New York University, who has also written an introduction and extensive commentary.

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